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This pictorial project "The Spirit of the Place" was exhibited during the month of March 2018 at the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (Exhibition room Oswaldo Guayasamín), in Quito, Ecuador.

It consists of a series of paintings of various formats and pictorial techniques, resulting from the artist’s experiences during his many journeys and stays both in Ecuador and Europe.

The selected places of these two worlds, each with its own idiosyncrasy, are delimited to rural and urban landscapes, and gardens, revealing specific characteristics that emanate of nature as a manifestation of the divine and also of the relation between a human collective and the territory and its history.

Cultural geography, from this point of view, acquires a new dimension, approaching the spirit of the place, because it begins with the identification of the territorial practices of the subjects, with the culture of the place and its sensibility to the magical spirit, to the world of the individual and collective perception, with  layers of materiality and immateriality.

The paintings collect elements of nature in their original or intervened state with flowers, trees, crops, certain constructions, which let feel the interaction between man and nature creating this particular spirit.



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