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The new project "A Contraluz" (Backlight) consists of an experiential journey that develops an art of lyrical realism towards a more abstract realism taking nature as a subject. Combining these two concepts, I try to represent the emotions behind a particular object in real life: the tree and living with it. It is a new way of describing the world / nature around me, without abandoning my roots that are anchored in this same natural environment.

Photography plays an important role in the early stages of these new works, allowing me to find formal solutions related to the game between light and shadow and black and white (grisaille) creating more abstract compositions and pictures.

The works are carried out with a mixed technique consisting of an acrylic paint with oil glazes on a canvas support.

The first three images contain the last three works of the project "The spirit of the place". They have been essential as a source of inspiration to put together the theoretical framework and start with this new project.

'Condor Machay' painting process video

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