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Your Best Painting

June 2020: “Your Best Painting”, Virtual exhibition of figurative - realistic artists, Zaragoza, Spain

The ArteLIbre art gallery invited figurative-realistic artists to participate by showing their best work in this period of confinement where it is only intended to give visibility to the fact that it corresponds to Art, where the main thing has been collaboration, the illusion of artists in wanting to be part of this event, of sharing without vanities teachers and students, consecrated and new, professionals and amateurs... because, in dramatic moments for society, there are no adjectives that are worth or merit to show, but a single language... because Art is universal and, without a doubt, the only answer that can give meaning to our lives...

My work 'cloudy forest Condor Machay’ from the Backlight series, after having been exhibited in the virtual art show has also been included in the art book with the same name, published under the auspices of the European Museum of Modern Art (Barcelona) and the Arte libre Gallery

The portal for Chinese Art was sharing this exhibition for China.

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