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The Spirit of the Place

March 2018: Solo Exhibition “The Spirit of the Place” in the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Quito, Ecuador.

“The Spirit of the Place”

This pictorial project of the Belgian artist Petrus Andreas De Vuyst, resident in Ecuador since 1988, consists of a series of 25 paintings as the outcome from the experiences undergone by the painter during his multiple trips and stays, both in Ecuador as in the old continent.

To give content to the theme of the exhibition, the artist selected specific places belonging to these two worlds, each with its own idiosyncrasy, delimiting them to rural and urban landscapes, and gardens, revealing specific characteristics that emanate, in a large part of the work, of the relationship between a human collective and the territory and its history.

Manuel Jiménez, Ecuadorian poet, accompanies the exhibition with six poems inspired by the subject of the exhibition.

More information about the paintings and poems on the webpage

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