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Biennial of Contemporary Visual Art ECUA-UIO

June 2017: First Biennial of Contemporary Visual Art ECUA-UIO, from June 22 to July 6 in the Historic Center of Quito, Ecuador.

Several national and foreign artists exhibit their work in museums, cultural centers, workshops, patios, bars, cafes, restaurants and in the San Marcos neighborhood park.

The Belgian artist Petrus De Vuyst participates with the triptych “Spiritual Alliances” from the series ‘AN ENCOUNTER BETWEEN RELATED SOULS’ made in 2013.

“The ECUA-UIO Festival was born due to the lack of support, because of how hard it is to be in this medium. Whether with or without sponsorship or linked to the community, we want to add works and make visible what revolves within contemporary art ", explains the artist and cultural manager Rodrigo Viera, main promoter of the Biennial, which he conceives as "a new platform concerned more festive than competitive ”.

"We seek to break the paradigms of how a biennial has been understood so far, we seek to make things more participatory," adds Viera.

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