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ARTIT Art Magazine

Autumn 2018 (2): publication of my award-winning painting “Andean landscape with moon”, Quito, Ecuador, in Issue N° 4 of the London ARTIT Art Magazine.

Artit is an independent London based digital art gallery designed to discover and encourage visual artists around the globe.

“As you read it, take your time to appreciate the work of all these artists who shared a piece of themselves via their creations. Inform your creativity and get inspired by others. Above all, enjoy it; Because that's what art is for; to create, to share, to discover and learn. It is about showing who you are in the way that best captures your story, and about discovering others through their relentless creativity.

Don’t forget to spread the word! Share the magazine with your friends, family and fellow art enthusiasts.

Congratulations and special thanks to all winning artists. We are trully honoured to be part of our magazines.”

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